2257 Policy

We do our best to remove content featuring individuals under 18 years old.

To do so we very much rely on the reports and knowledge of our users.

To report such content, click on the report bottom right of the content page. Be sure to include the most valuable information possible. Or contact us with all the information.

All content that is uploaded by the staff Xplayed on the website is free of underage persons, at least that's what we believe, if you believe certainly that is not so contact us, be sure to add information valuable and will withdraw immediately.

Keep in mind we receive many emails including countless irrelevant ones.

We do not want underage content. Think twice about uploading some!

All underage reports are forwarded to national law enforcement agencies of various countries, depending on the IP address of the uploader. Pedophile content get special attention. You have been warned. Do not do it.

If you work for a law enforcement agencies at the national level, for your country, or for an organization that coordinates efforts between several countries, please contact us to obtain access to the data we have on underage uploads.